As a little girl, Kriszta grew up in her parents’ knitwear workshop. She soon discovered that you can create different identities with clothing. She also discovered the power of reuse and recycling. After studying photography and fashion design, Kriszta started her own Vegan knitwear label: Eszka.

Vegan knitwear from Budapest

She likes using forms and colors courageously, as she believes they boost the confidence of those who wear them. Kriszta wishes to provide an opportunity for what has been secretly hidden so far to become finally visible.

A love for patterns and colors.

Kriszta studied photography and graduated from the university with a degree in fashion design. In 2004 she started her own label ‘ESZKA’.

She works with yarns left behind from yarn factory warehouses that had been shut down around the world so only a few pieces are made of each model because the amount of yarn is limited and she don’t want many people to wear the same items either. To fulfill her aim she has to design more often, which is the most beautiful part of the process.

The knitting process happens with her father’s help. In the end she does the finishing touch and at the photoshoot she creates the mood that suits each piece the most. She loves to create timeless and unique pieces that leave the smallest ecological footprint possible.