Ifeelnut was established in Bilbao in 2012. Since then, our purpose has been to dress a positive yet (and) a natural woman who seeks comfort and versatility in her daily life.

We create contemporary collections that are born from a classic inspiration. Our patterns begin with a simple idea and at the same time are endowed with a touch of romanticism. That “je ne sais quoi” makes them special. 

Our patterns begin with a simple idea.

We are a small company, and therefore we take care of the people who make the brand possible every day.  That is why we are committed to a 100% Spanish production which allows us to have control over the traceability of each garment and to know each person who takes part in the process.

Regarding the fabrics we bet on quality and all our suppliers are European.

We have special affection for our 100% Wool Coat collection, ensuring that the entire production process is Spanish. From the manufacturer of the fabric to the final button.


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