Komodo, you could say, is a brand born out of a backpack. After a trip to Bali, British creator Mark Bloom, was blown away by the culture and its interesting colourful fabrics.

With his motivation to stand out, to be different and colourful and to represent the talents he found in Asia, Komodo was born. Working hard with the local artisans, fixing challenges and learning their handcrafts with al the natural yarns and fabrics they found there, they created unique street fashion that was loved all over the world.

They are passionate about nurturing and protecting our planet.

As passionate  as they are about fashion, as passionate  are they about nurturing and protecting our planet. Komodo has been committed to creating eco-friendly fashion since 1988, by using eco fabrics and focusing on cleaner processes. And not only are they still working with the local family factories in Bali, they’ve raised funds to build schools, planted trees and more. They oversee all processes themselves and guarantee fair living wages and good working conditions for all their employees.